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  1. Interesting look into your life. Today I read two articles from the Irish Times about C of I clergy in Ireland. Two of them I feel I know well from blogging and a third Patrick I met in Abbeyleix a couple of times. Katharine I have yet to know and meet.

    Enjoy your holiday.

  2. Grow Up,

    I couldn’t afford Saint Columba’s were it not for very generous terms!


    I’m not sure how poor Sheila Wayman got anything coherent from the stuff I said!

  3. As a son of the Rectory myself, I can emphasise with Michael. I remember old men in the village pub apologising for cursing in the presence of the Rector’s son when I was his age! Like him I avoided the college chapel – but don’t be surprised if in your dotage he comes to recognise the blessing of daily liturgy!

  4. Steph,

    ‘Endured’ perhaps?


    Michael declares himself a ‘conservative Anglican’ after a thousand odd services at Saint Columba’s!

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