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  1. That is sad to hear. I suppose he is best remembered through his words, which to this day often have such a remarkable power to them. Just last night I was reading in Tom Wright’s book “Hope” about Wilde’s play Salome:

    “… a scene when Herod hears reports that Jesus of Nazareth has been raising the dead. Herod shouts out, “I do not wish him
    to do that. I forbid him to do that. I allow no man to raise the dead. This man must be found and told that I forbid him to raise the dead.”
    The scene in the play progresses further and we hear the following haunting line which is the real moment of truth for us and for the tyrant, Herod:
    “Where is this man?” demands Herod.
    “He is in every place, my Lord,” replies the courtier, “but it is hard to find him.”

    Powerful stuff (and used in many an Easter sermon).

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