Payphones and Cellphones — 5 Comments

  1. Jealous! I seriously want to get thrown out of Chanel! You know, I don’t even think we have phone boxes any more. I haven’t seen one for yonks. I must take more notice. In fact I’m not even sure where there are public phones. There used to be those ‘red’ phones in just about every shop. Mobiles can mean freedom but they’re also a trap once you get into all the gadgetry. My son is addicted to his iPhone . . enjoy Paris and know that a little bit of me hates you for being there when I’m not!

  2. Hi Baino,

    You can skip over to Paris when you come to Dublin!


    You’re right – but you can go where you like with it

  3. that is not always a good thing. At school we had to write home on Mondays.Oh for the days when one had to write to make plans!

  4. Reading ‘Testament of Youth’ and reflecting on the huge amount of written material Vera Brittain had to draw upon, I wonder if there will be anything on paper from contemporary times

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