Stones matter — 4 Comments

  1. They don’t matter to me but it is sad to see a neglected graveyard. When we were at the Quarantine Station on North Head a few weeks back, we were told of a formal cemetery where sufferers of various diseases had died and were buried but someone in their wisdom removed the headstones. Weird. Why would anyone do that?

  2. Is that the one half way along Windmill Road? I can never remember it being open, only it been a bit scarey to us as kids….It would have been built quite a way from the nearest house at the time..the nearest thing being the barn(the Dudderidges kept their car in) which I think was used to store corn for the windmill originally….It would be interesting to know who gave the land over at the time for the Chapel to be built….so much we dont know about where we grew up….

  3. I agree with you. I don’t think it was open in 1972. Was there open ground beside it that ran up to the fields at the back?

    I’d hate to think the headstones were simply dumped.

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