Avoiding the void — 8 Comments

  1. I love trying to imagine the moment before the Big Bang – the moment when even space did not exist.

  2. because to some extent life is what we make it. there can not be ‘nothingness’because that is just a concept surely…

  3. Maybe no more than a concept in physical terms. There is not enough ‘stuff’ in our solar system for gravity to hold it together. ‘Dark matter’ is posited as providing the explanation of how gravity is able to keep the universe in order. Maybe we’re not looking out at nothingness, just at things we cannot see.

  4. All this talk of nothingness, void, endless space reminds me of how people sometimes fear the dark – emptiness, uncertainty, unknown all around. But looked at differently – or felt differently – during night time in the open air, even in unfamiliar surroundings, the absolute darkness can be an enveloping blanket, soft, secure, concealing of yourself just as much as anything else that might be “out there”. (This works in the British Isles anyway, where humans are the biggest predators.)
    So the void cannot be a void if you are in it. It could be though an extra wide bed with room to stretch out, or space big enough to cart wheel.
    “I am” is stronger than surrounding emptiness.

  5. Thanks for that, Paul. It gave me a new angle on the ‘I am’ encountered by Moses. ‘God is’ negates the nihilism of a universe of nothingness.

  6. I would love to have been up in Mayo too Ian, just slightly south, on Achill….Keem Strand…another area of peace and quiet……The emptiness to me is comforting

  7. Les, I have a dreadful fear of isolation at times. I say I love the country, but am reassured by the traffic going down the dual carriageway at dead of night!

    Mayo seems always to be a haunting place, as though the land remembers the dreadful years of the famine.

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