Searching for a song — 4 Comments

  1. my eldest grandaughter, Lil,was born into difficult times for my daughter – we chose Bowie’s Kooks as a emblem. We have a family ritual where we put it on the record player and dance together. Lily – and now her sister Connie – love it and insist we play it whenever we have a family gathering (and hold hands and dance)

  2. I think there is something about some songs that makes you feel optimistic. I know a woman who had ‘One step beyond’ at her husband’s funeral.

  3. Irish songs do seem to be a bit dour and sad I have to admit. Or perhaps I just don’t know enough of them. I haven’t got a ‘special’ song. As for never travelling. Having done a little in my time, I couldn’t imagine a life where you never step beyond your own borders.

  4. There are lively Irish songs – they are mostly about drinking.

    When you think of the things Americans can romanticize (look at Wichita Lineman!), there does seem a lot of dirge-like stuff here.

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