Sermon for Sunday, 27th September 2009 (16th after Trinity/Pentecost 17/Proper 21) — 2 Comments

  1. A good point, well made Ian. Perhaps even a reason for preaching through Bible books consecutively, rather than using a Lectionary as the Lectionaries can sometimes be ‘sanitised’ for church… As we preach through a book systematically, we come to all manner of things we would rather not preach on, but it’s better for our congregations to learn how to read the Bible rather than dipping in and out. It also means we can address particular pastoral problems as they arise in the Scriptures rather than having a one-off special sermon on a topic (e.g. adultery) and everyone wondering who you were preaching that to!

  2. Excellent Sermon Ian and very timely. I think you’re very brave to broach this kind of thing with your flock. So often we hear about the abuse mooted by people in positions of trust or priests but it doesn’t seem to be addressed IN Church. And I agree wholeheartedly that you can’t just pick out the bits that suit.

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