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  1. I’m really not across the Lisbon Treaty at all but I can’t see how Ireland can be part of the EU and not be part of the Lisbon Treaty. I must read more about it . .this is the second referendum you’ve had isn’t it?

  2. Difficult decisions for you all. (I can’t vote, I’m out of the territory.) Though you did vote before, and the disregarding of that decision sets a dangerous precedent. Then again, I didn’t say that about the second divorce referendum.

    These days, with WW2 anniversaries abounding, there may be a sense of regret, shame? or embarrassment about Ireland’s role in WW2 – despite all the volunteers from south of the border. But I wonder is this misplaced. Perhaps managing to keep the country out of the horrors of that war is a quietly great achievement. Badges of pride may be more colourful, but if the colour comes from blood, calmer earth tones may be the saner choice. Having had so much conflict played out in Ireland, do we regret missing one. Would Dublin sit more comfortably had it been blitzed like Belfast? (Keep in mind that the ugliest Dublin buildings that might benefit from being bombed are post-WW2.)

    As ever, though, your point is imaginatively and well made.

  3. This is the second referendum re-run, a similar experience occurred with the Nice Treaty. I don’t have a vote, anyway, being a British passport holder.

    The point about the ‘interesting times’ is that much of Europe is dotted with cemeteries left from the way the European nations did business for generations. I think Ireland does not have a collective memory of European wars in the way such a memory would exist in France and Germany. Whatever the faults of the EU, and they are many, it is better than what went before.

  4. In my workplace we recently worked on a similar process. The new students have a vote on student reps’, two lads from our course came forward and achieved a tie. One has ADHD and various associated conditions, the other a record of exclusion from school and a police record for ABH. We – I am almost ashamed to say – swung the vote in favour of the lad who can sit still, listen and appears to be fitting in and responding to what we have to offer.
    Wrapped up nicely with a little sop to our liberal natures -but not honest or fair.

  5. Is the education process itself not a matter of benevolent dictatorship rather than democracy?

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