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  1. But heroes get everything cleared up in a flash – no arguments and no need to worry.

  2. Oddly I had no hero figures when young – in music, on TV, etc – at least that I remember. I was keen though on The Flashing Blade crowd. A French series, dubbed into English. I think the baddies were the Spanish in the Netherlands. I’ll have to think about getting round to considering withholding paying for my TV licence until the Flashing Blade is back on the box.

  3. The Three Musketeers were the tops for swashbuckling (what does that word mean?) stuff when I was young.

    I pay my television license to ensure RTE presenters are paid the hundreds of thousands they need to live in the style to which they have become accustomed

  4. Seems the heroic figures of mythology have been replaced by Sports People down here although what’s heroic about winning a Rugby or Cricket game I’ll never know!

  5. There would be more heroism in rugby than soccer! A friend says she thinks sporting contests have become a substitute for actual battles, which I suppose is a step forward.

  6. friends and family help to lighten the load which hopefully make it easier for you to be able to clear things up or deal with things which – all being well – enables you to develop the skills or strength to deal with dificulties in the future. Surely this is a similar argument to the shoebox discussion of a few days ago?

  7. I think it depends on the informal support structures you have and how much you have kept people at arm’s length.

    Having had experience of a trouble being shared being a trouble doubled, heroic impersonal intervention is an attractive option.

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