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  1. I’m sure they have, but Ireland has only right-wing governments and if health care reform here is to appeal to politicians it must be seen as acceptable to conservatives.

  2. It is a scandal, one of which I have only been aware since talking to Ian. People I have discussed it with here in England are shocked when I tell them of the situation – usually when using it as a yardstick to praise the NHS.

    I appreciate wht you are saying about reform having to appeal to the right wing.

  3. I find the failure of the churches to speak on anything other than ‘ethos’ very depressing. I have not heard a single bishop advocate universal health care. Dave Cameron has a better understanding of the demands of Scripture than some of our church leaders!

  4. Interesting point you raise, Ian

    I do agree that it’s not good enough for the churches to speak only about the ethos of a hospital when good, honest decent people are literally dying waiting for medical attention. I do wish more people would take a stance on the reality of healthcare in Ireland today.

    Out of curiosity, I phoned 2 large public hospitals today to see how long it would take (10 years on) to get an ENT OP appointment. Both hospitals told me that appointments were allocated ‘on the basis of need’ following the receipt of a GP letter. The principle of ‘basis of need’ is admirable until you consider that Susie Long died as a result of waiting patiently for an URGENT colonoscopy appointment.

    Incidently, only one hospital would concede that there is a long waiting list for a routine ENT public appointment. And this situation, of course, is set to get worse after the health cuts in the next budget.

    The sad truth is that if you want to stay well in Ireland, you can’t afford to be without health insurance!

  5. Steph,

    Why don’t you write to the bishops and ask them for a response? They wouldn’t be bothered to listen to a parish cleric.

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