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  1. Are you serious. Her name was really Miss Rabbage? Happy birthday my lovely. Mine was a day earlier . . .trials of living in the antipodes we beat everyone to everything! Looks like we’re in good company Rev! Totally impressed with the Spitfire stat!

  2. I add my good wishes.
    And wonder about the rhymes you must have come up with for the estimable Miss Rabbage. Cabbage. Drab age. University Challenge (well, it worked for My Perfect Cousin by the Undertones).

  3. Miss Rabbage was a great Headmistress……I smile thinking back on her punishing me..It was a smack on the back of the hand per word spoken…”You must not be a naughty boy” translates to smack ,smack ,smack ,smack ,smack, smacksmack, smack…….and yes “cabbage” was used by us kids a lot…..And belated Birthday wishes Ian, we now both share the same age…hahaha……Cheers Les

  4. When she became really cross, she would lick her fingers and slap the inside of the wrist. I got it once when it wasn’t me talking!

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