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  1. Unfortunately I agree with Benny. The RCC draws lines in the sand irrespective of the action of the tides. I think we will just have to await a true “Shaking of the Foundations” (Tillich) before they come to their senses. The good news is that this may be nearer than we think. Particularly if the Vatican persists in keeping digging.

  2. Hard to figure where Diarmuid Martin is coming from. If you take him at face value he is a breath of fresh air. He may have over-reached himself a bit by saying that anyone mentioned in the Ryan report should resign, but it would appear that he was not absolving the Vatican of blame. This has been his (short-term?) downfall as the Pope made it quite clear in his disgusting letter to the Irish people that the entire fault lay with the Irish hierarchy and clergy and that the Vatican was pure as the lilies of the field.

    My feeling is that the Vatican is under siege and doesn’t realise the extent of it. A bit like Comical Ali during the Iraq invasion. Or the final scene in Blazing Saddles.

    Stay tuned, and keep up the good work.

  3. Martin understands the realities of Irish society. For the Vatican to recognize such realities would mean questioning the entire edifice of medieval authoritarianism upon which their understanding of the ‘church’ rests.

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