An apology to atheists — 6 Comments

  1. What baffles me is the extent to which some religions’ adherents seem to loose sight of the original tenets. Islam is supposed to be a religion of peace, yet look at the attrocities committed in its name? As for Christianity preaching love, respect for honesty, children and poverty? How did Rome end up so diametrically opposed to its own origins?

    One of my favourite authors – Arthur C Clarke – often inserted a tongue in cheek piece into his futuristic novels, saying that religion had been outlawed in the mid twenty-first century and how the world was a much better place for it!!

  2. There are moments when I think Clarke might have had the right idea.

    The churches are depressing at the moment – the Roman Catholic church simply cannot come to terms with its own fallibility and my own church only ever puts its head of the parapet to defend our own interests. Maybe the Quakers are the only ones left who might have some clue about what they are meant to be about.

  3. The last sentence is really relevant today & needs to be repeated again and again ” Who is nearer to the Kingdom of God , the atheist who works for community values and human progress or the Bishop who stands in the way of Justice ” How can you get the message widespread ?

  4. I think the younger generation are much more motivated by what is ethically correct than what is doctrinally or ecclesiastically correct. The danger is that there is an unbridgeable chasm opening up between them and the institutional church.

  5. I was once interviewed for a job in a Catholic school, when asked about my belief I prefaced my comments with something along the lines that my values and beliefs would be classed as those considered to be Christian values (being aware of where I was). I was offered the job. That may have had more to do with employment law than the church however…

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