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  1. Yes my 13 year old said “what do you mean black and white teles, how are you supposed to watch that?” We never had a reliable tele, either that or the diesel engine that generated the 1Kw of electricity was broken down again…so its a 30 odd year late THANK-YOU Ian for letting me stay to watch The Sweeney when it was on….As a 14 year old I was always fascinared by your Dads cigarette rolling machine!!!!!!Ahh pleasant Black and White memories….

  2. ‘The Sweeney’ was banned at the school I was sent off to. Despite them charging the county council astronomical fees, they said there couldn’t be an autumn half term, so gave us just one day off one year. Some of us sat down to watch Inspector Regan and the housemaster discovered us and went mad!

  3. When I lived in Rathgar we had a big old sturdy tele through which we could listen to something that sounded like we imagined Radio Mexico to be. It occasionally was able to show a pattern of flickering white lines. That was it. For a special treat we’d set a video of the Blue Brothers on top and watch that. The box on the Box.
    Eventually, despite its usefulness as a step, it had to go. I can’t remember how though, far it was too heavy to lift.

  4. I remember Rathgar in the early-80s. The Church of Ireland Theological College is just the other side of the River Dodder (and tried to pretend that it too was in Rathgar!)

    There used to be horror stories of the tube blowing up on old tellies and throwing shards of glass in all directions.

    I loved The Blues Brothers, even bought a tape of the music from the film, it has long since disappeared.

  5. Have to say Ian that I liked your “click older posts” thing on the old blog because i’m always playing catch up. Having posts sorted into categories means I miss some. . . I digress. . .A guy at work this week asked if we had a typewriter because he needed to fill in a form that couldn’t be filled in online. I nearly fell off my chair.

  6. Baino,

    If you click on ‘Recent Posts’ beside the heading ‘Lead Article’, you’ll get the stuff for the past week.

    What do you do if you have a form that requires typewritten completion? I had never thought about that.

  7. I have to agree with Baino, I like the “previous posts” button because if you had a lot of catching up to do a person could just start on today’s post and just keep going back until one you recognised you had read before.
    This is what happens when you learnt to type in the old days!

  8. I did a typing class when I started Sixth form College in 1977 – I was the only boy in the class. I never learned, I took the RSA Stage 1 exam at the end of the year – and failed it.

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