A car engine and spending cuts — 6 Comments

  1. Sounds about right, its no wonder fly tipping is now so rife, mind, you need a course in orienteering to go to a waste recycling centre…I went to our local one at Exmouth the other day..there are so many different skips for every item of rubbish, I drove round the tip 3 times looking for the right one got so fed up manouvering around people who cant reverse with a trailer and dumped it in a heap and left……….

  2. Interesting story.

    Regarding the budget on Wednesday next, current taxation receipts are the same as those in 2002 (albeit with increased taxes), yet private sector salaries are at levels or most likely 2001/2002, property prices are at the same level as 2002/2001, residential rents are at 2001/2002, commercial rents 2001/2002, food prices 2001/2002.

    What hasn’t reduced are energy costs (state controlled) or fuel costs (remove taxes added since 2001/2002 and they are back to those levels).

    It is the cost of services that is crippling our economy but what hurts me the most is that the quality of these services are sub standard to those in 2001/2002.

    We don’t actually need a budget to get back on track we actually need a house keeping excercise carried out on state services and the Public Sector.

    In Ireland there is a growing poverty problem but a problem behind closed doors in some of the most affluent suburbs and all because the state has let down those who in better times worked the hardest for it.

  3. The people who worked hard are now having to pay for sheer greed and mismanagement .

    €4 billion (the exact amount sought in cuts) has gone to prop up Anglo Irish Bank, on top of which are the injections to the two main banks. The burden of NAMA has yet to come.

    One thing is for certain, the people charged with implementing cuts will do their utmost to save their own departments – the burden will be shifted if it’s at all possible.

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