Cabbage and homework — 4 Comments

  1. On the subject of eating up, my one abiding memory is at the age of about 6 being shut in the best room with a plate of tripe and more or less told the same about starving children……I did eat some!!!!….We had it at High Ham school some time later, when Mrs Cullen asked if anyone wanted ‘seconds’ guess who put their hand up??????

  2. Without a word of a lie, I had that phrase thrown at me on a daily basis. I once had to sit eating cold cauliflower cheese which I hated as a child, until a neighbour came in and cajoled me into finishing what was on my plate!

    My primary school had a ‘rice’ drive for Biafra too. Each class had to’count’ a million grains of rice and once it had been manhandled by hundreds of grubby primary children it was bagged and sent to Oxfam. Now that’s patronising!

    You know if we banned the Bible, everyone would want to read it!

    Les you prove my oft espoused point that British food is an oxymoron!

  3. The problem with school dinners was no s much knowing what it was but trying to work out what it might once have been!

    Baino, do Aussies really have barbecues all the time or is that a Pom myth?

  4. Baino…British food…oxymoron yes I can see the funny side of that love it………..Oxy-moron……thats surely a description as well for someone who cooks tripe ??????
    Ian they’d never be able to work a hob and a oven at the same time ,so its easier to burn the food!!!!!! haha.

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