Barry Manilow and chance — 9 Comments

  1. God has made a universe founded on the random at small scales. But that does not mean it is capricious nor that prediction is impossible. Using Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) physicists have predicted the results of experiments to ten parts in a billion! Don’t be troubled – the universe is wonderfully made!

  2. I was standing at Schroedinger’s grave in January (I pay my respects when in Alpbach), and a man from South Wales came across the graveyard. He was a physicist turned policeman (I think the pay was better) and began he talking about Schroedinger’s work – I confessed complete ignorance and when he discovered what I did for a living, he talked about about the ‘anthropomorphic principle’ – it was fascinating stuff.

  3. Dearest Ian,
    You end with a question. Left on the cliff edge again. You must have seen a lot of follier-uppers at saturday morning matinees. Science has always been used to prove almost fully opposite views. It seems that nowadays Quantum Physics is used by just about everyone to prove both the existence and non-existence of God, or at least ‘a power beyond ourselves’ – bit like Mr. S’s dead and not dead cat. Damn, now I’m at it!

    I will freely admit that I do not understand Quantum Physics. I just about know how to configure Google Adwords.

    As you intimate in your final poser, it’s all about belief. You have your God. I have this life. Sure doesn”t that make it grand altogther. btw I could recommend a song to you – ‘Let the Mystery Be’, by Iris Dement. check it out –

  4. When I saw a YouTube link, I thought for a moment it was a link to a Barry video!

    Anglicans do questions, not answers. People can only answer for themselves.

  5. Kerrymen do lots of answers as well – particularly when fifteen of them line out at Croke Park!

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