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  1. I wonder if the minister who declared that he wouldn’t have a tree in church has a yew in the churchyard??
    I too remember making the candles at Ham school from toilet rolls also Father Christmas too from the toilet rolls, none of caught anything nasty from using the empty tubes….I helped James make a castle the other day for a school project…..the 4 towers standing proud on the corners?????toilet rolls…yyeeeaahhh..victory for the non PC only sensible 40 something left in the village!!!!I can remember my Christmas pressies Ian….A Corgi Toy, The Beano and Blue Peter Annuals, a selection box, an Enid Blyton book…….Well they were always the main ones anyway…….and apart from the selection box I’ve still got the rest!!!!!

  2. Les,

    Most of those churches would have had no burial ground, but I’m sure the yew tree would be consigned to the same place as the Christmas tree.

    You have an extraordinary memory and retention skills! I think we have moved so often that even if I had kept anything, which I had,’t it would have long since been confiscated

  3. The Church seems to forget that Christmas IS pagan. It was hijacked by Christianity out of convenience. I don’t see why both traditions can’t coincided frankly. It’s like Easter, purely symbolic from a Christian perspective, how can Good Friday occur at different times each year if it’s legitimately the anniversary of Christ’s crucifixion. I think some take themselves far too seriously. What next? The Tooth Fairy? Ah selection boxes. I remember them. We always had an orange in our stockings as well. Not sure what that was all about. Good on you for including Santa!

  4. The pagan origins were the reason some of the evangelical churches didn’t do Christmas. Didn’t the orange date from times when they were rare and were a special treat?

  5. Yes oranges were only available for a short period around Christmas, and they still taste the best at this time of the year…….Unfortunately now WE MUST have everything all year round

  6. It was the exotic oranges I remember most – the tangerines and the clementines and the satsumas. The other thing that always seemed to appear at Christmas was boxes of dates with a long fork thing to pick them out of the box.

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