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  1. Grouchy at Christmas . . that will never do! I only remember two ‘white christmases’ and a snowfall in April because my dad filmed them.

  2. I don’t remember snow at Christmas 2001, but who am I to argue with my sixteen year old daughter!

  3. I was living in the school coach house at the end of the school house drive, the snow fell very heavily and blew into the courtyard banking up against the walls and the house. Three of us – you will recognise the names of the other girls Ian – Elizabeth Heywood,Alison (?) and myself and were stuck until someone came to dig us out. The fact that we were in the coach house would suggest it was 1978/9?

  4. I typed ‘snow 1978’ into google – Devon had the heaviest blizzards in 100 years in February 1978!

  5. Our village was cut off for four days – the BBC started an emergency radio station in Taunton which broadcasted messages to people who were trapped!

  6. As I remember it, we were in the coach house for three days with no electricity and no member of staff for three days. Why I haven’t looked it up before I have no idea – your blog brought it to mind.

  7. Three days with no electricity? Was there a fire to light? And could you do so without permission from Auntie Bett?!

  8. Ian….I remember 1978 very well, had great fun on the rough track on my Yamaha DT 175 finally cut to the village by a JCB ……..And remember the helicopter picking up the milk from Cliff Crossmans farm…….

  9. Aunty Bett held no fear for me.When I was 15 I challenged her corncerning the amount of worshipping we were expected to do – she backed down. I learnt two valuable lessons from that; choose your battles and if you want respect, don’t back down to a teenager!
    Ooh yes – and that I was one of lifes winners… : )

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