Contemplating Con’s former church — 3 Comments

  1. Interesting post. She’s one of the ones I occasionally mention to my daughter as an example of what women can do – hold a post of leadership, hold down a government ministry, etc. Granuaile is another. We passed Markievicz’s cell in Kilmainham in October. The guide was very charming.

  2. I love the story of Con, after the surrender of the Citizen Army soldiers in the College Surgeons, refusing a lift in a car from a British army officer who felt that it was not quite ‘proper’ that she should be walking. She was an extraordinary woman.

  3. ian,
    I only came across this blog today while searching for a copy of C. Day Lewis’s poem — having been working on some song settings of Yeats and Eva G-B, which i will intersperse with some original songs — I wanted to ‘verify” my initial lines:
    “Gun-waving bitch at barricades,
    Traitor of privilege and class
    playing out her fantasy charades:
    The fool in the caldron of the farce.

    Woman of the gun among that cast,
    Some called you a political whore;
    But the people who loved you the last
    Called you Countess of the Poor.
    Your last comment has much to charge the imagination. regards, Frank Callery.

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