Remembering McDonagh — 2 Comments

  1. Fascinating. You’re so across your country’s (well adopted country’s) history. I learn so much coming here. It does seem a shame that we’ve gone past the creation of true memorials and name ‘places’ or streets after past heroes and personalities rather than erect something more substantial to commemorate them. Good to see you researching your new destination. New histories to discover!

  2. I think Mr Buchanan would have been pleased that his history lessons were still remembered.

    Oddly enough, our European history syllabus ran up to 1939 while our British history syllabus stopped at 1914, so we had the whole of the Home Rule Campaign and learned about Redmond and the Nationalists, but never got to 1916. I remember buying the three volumes of Robert Kee’s ‘The Green Flag’ when I was 20 to fill in the empty space between 1914 and 1922

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