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  1. There are moments when it would be tempting to take Anduril, or whatever the sword was called, and get rid of some of our politicians!

  2. Aragorn must have picked up the accent from the ‘shire’ (Somersetshire)…..I’ve always likened it to Somerset!!!…….I think Sam is a Zummerzet boy too…….

  3. What I don’t understand is how he talks why he talks in one voice for the rest of the film and in Zummerzet for the moment at the Gates of Mordor!

  4. I came home sick yesterday and watched The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe (yes, I know it is lightweight in comparision!). It took me back to my first term at boarding school – where I read the whole series – I had no idea how to relate to the other children there!

  5. I’m not sure Lewis would have thought himself lightweight compared to Tolkien.

    I had no idea how to relate to most people in the establishments of that strange Trust!

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