Missing the punchlines — 4 Comments

  1. Hahahaha, there’s a lot more Jethro jokes you could tell but I think you would have to remove the expletives!!!!!!!! If he is on tour around Devon/Cornwall when you are over next its worth getting tickets, good luck with the after dinner speaking….

  2. I suppose the one about the nuns driving around Co Kerry and the devil attached itself onto the windscreen and would not get off and one nun said to the other – Show him you’r cross. – that has been done many times!! What about the one where the husband decided he had not paid enough attention to his wife recently and decided to buy her flowers on the way home. When he got into the house with the flowers the wife took one look at him and burst into tears. When he asked why he heard that the children had been sick, the car had broken down, the washing machine had leaked over the floor and the dinner was burnt and then she says to crown it all you come home blind drunk. Boom Boom!!

  3. Bliss! The floor was opened, but there was only time for two speeches, the second of which concluded with raucous laughter after the speaker told the story of Brendan Behan explaining the difference between prose and poetry. There was such a racket that the chairman didn’t call for any further speakers.

  4. Lol ere it wern aclhlly like that what appened once was that e ended up sellin that bugger and bought a bleddy motor bike and went back home lol *truestory

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