Depression and the Internet — 4 Comments

  1. I think everyone is afraid of remoteness, isolation and a lack of connection. I certainly am. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed or addicted but I relish the ‘company’ that I find through the internet, let alone the convenience. I use it for everything from booking tickets to paying bills. The ‘community’ side of it comes through blogging and social networking. It does cut into my day a bit but what else would i be doing? Watching television? Surely that’s more depressing.

  2. I suspect it would be in the interest of a television broadcaster, faced with falling audiences, to pick out those bits of the report that were most negative.

  3. I agree with the report you quote up to a point. Exercise and real social contact are very important. But newspapers are always letting their hysteria run away with themselves when they rant on about all the dangers of the internet. One day it’s evil, the next it’s our salvation. Like red wine, butter, fat, tea, etc, etc.

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