Listening to what we say — 11 Comments

  1. Oh there is – the scope you talk about. It might mean setting off earlier or not being in such a rush, but either is a small price to pay for an infinitely more enriched life.
    I still do have those conversations. Thank goodness.

  2. Have emails and texting so abbreviated our communications that even normal interactions have become truncated?

  3. I have a dreadful habit of actually telling people how I am when they ask – and then realising afterwards that I never managed to ask how *they* were. And, the thing is, I would like to know.

  4. My answer to “How are you?” is Alive! Then I quickly move on to another subject, after all nobody wants to hear about aches and pains.

  5. Isn’t the ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’ Lewis Carrol? If I am right then it is more likely to be playing with language than a direction.

  6. In Worcester people say “Alright” as a form of greeting, it took me years to realise that one was meant to respond with “Alright” not, “I’m fine thank you, how are you?”

  7. The dodgy Mr Dodgson?

    I don’t think the nuances would have been appreciated in our primary school – plain speaking was what counted.

  8. It’s like the French ‘ca va?’ to which the reply is often ‘ca va’. It doesn’t communicate much!

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