Warm feet — 4 Comments

  1. No double glazing, no central heating,curtains billowing in the draught,!!!!!!!!! takes me back to my childhood…..It was very exposed on the hill at High Ham!!!!!now my lot want the CH on during the day!!!!!!!!!

  2. Central heating/air con is indeed a luxury here as is solar. The economy is in it’s longevity but I guess you’re right, installing either in the first place is prohibitive for most. I’m just glad we don’t have to deal with bitter cold.

  3. I am with Terry Pratchett on the footwear, the cheap kind add no heat. I remember the days of billowing curtains and frost on the inside of the windows. We got dressed to go to bed. Some winters I wore a woollen hat in bed!!

  4. We used to babysit for kids in a big old house where they put on track suits and then got inside sleeping bags before getting under the blankets.

    My friend Barbara tells me that her mother used to say that they could not afford to buy cheap – it made a lot of sense.

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