Unreasonable times — 4 Comments

  1. It’s striking how often people who have rejected, maybe rightly, the received wisdom being stuck down their throat, swallow down willingly so much rubbish from elsewhere. It’s as if they been chastened only to the extent of rejecting previous authorities/mentors/etc, but not to the extent of applying a bit of common sense to the offering of new cranks, tin foil hat wearers and conspiracy theorists. (Of course the latter, especially in Ireland, do seem to turn out to be correct quite a bit of the time.)

  2. Isn’t there a line from Chesterton about believing nothing and believing anything?

  3. Interesting idea that the internet and the plethora of information via that medium is influential in doing this. I guess it is purely because it’s so accessible to such a wide audience but haven’t people always rallied towards radical (not necessarily sensible) alternative when times are hard? I mean who in their right mind would have allowed the Third Reich to take off if it wasn’t for desperate economics and politics after the Great war. I think you should be more concerned about the effects of such alternative ‘isms’ frankly because for whatever reason, they gain weight when people are hurting economically. The internet I think could be instrumental in their voracity and speed!

  4. I agree that times being what they are creates a seedbed for all sorts of crankery, but I do think the Net has created new coalescenses of esoteric thought.

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