Rugby and the Vatican — 11 Comments

  1. Very sinister. Maybe the Cardinals want to convert you and put you up for election at the next opportunity. A blogging Anglican married Pope. That would be a first – a blogging pope!

    Or maybe they want to use your sermon this week in Rome – not many present will have attended Ballybrack last Sunday.

  2. I imagine someone like a character out of a JB Keane story searching through homilies to find something out of line and then writing anonymous letters signed, ‘One Who Tries To Be a Good Catholic’!

  3. I have discovered something utterly bizarre. If you go to and type in ‘sermon for Easter Day 2010’ or ‘sermon for 4th April 2010’ (as the same visitor has done this morning), this blog comes at the top of the list. Checking, the result is similar (ahead of the Archbishop of Canterbury!). Topping the Google list didn’t actually bring any extra visitors, Google Analytics gave me the princely total of 38 visitors last Sunday (though there had been over a hundred each day during the week); it seems odd that such a small amount of traffic would merit being top of the list.

  4. It was probably some Da Vinci Code-type albino monk on a mission to eliminate you. So not to worry.
    Re rugby handshakes. Is there anything more irritating than sitting beside a scrupulously fair-minded supporter of the other team? I was watching a Lions game in Durban on the last tour and the big Springbok fan beside never missed a moment when the referee unfairly penalised the Lions or overlooked a South African infringement. He was welcoming, hospitable and open-minded. How annoying to have to put up with such gracious neighbourliness when you’re getting beaten. We were left with not a single shred of badly-done-by-ness behind which to hide.

  5. Being the nosey kind of person I am, I had a sniff through the files.

    The address used belongs to [and I quote] – “Holy See – Vatican City State”, or or to be more specific, “Internet Office of the Holy See”.

    I think the answer is fairly obvious? The Big Man himself was having a sniff around to see what people are saying about him. Forewarned is forearmed, and all that….

  6. I’m not sure it was the Big Man himself, but you might be right that someone was researching reactions

  7. Ian, As well, they should . . . be researching reactions, that is. They probably have Google Alerts with any number of frighteningly relevant topics. And if you’re offered the job to convert and become the next Pedophile Protecting Pontiff – I pray you turn it down. I’d miss your literary quotes. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter.

  8. Hi Gram,

    I find the concept of ‘the Vatican’ strange – a last vestige of the Middle Ages. When one tries to connect the events in 1st Century Jerusalem with television pictures from Rome, there seem to be a lot of missing links. How did we get from one to the other?

  9. The new post begins on 18th May – the blog will probably change noticeably!

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