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  1. Well put.

    My uncle died at High Wood in September 1916. I wore a poppy in his honour last year. It was difficult to overcome the negative connotations of the poppy for me. But I did not see why it should be hijacked by others with a political agenda and restored it as a personal homage to my uncle.

  2. i was at High Wood yesterday. It was unoccupied and could have been taken without loss of life; but Haig & Co decided the cavalry must be brought from ten miles away to take it. By the time they arrived the Germans had occupied the wood and there was huge loss of life for no reason other than the absurd idea the cavalry should play a role.

  3. The assault my uncle died in was the one where they decided to test the tanks, which got lost and/or stuck, and they had already dispensed with artillery cover. Total cock-up. And they had been advised against this tactic by the officer they then scapegoated for its failure. High Wood was taken but with massive and unnecessary loss of life.

  4. I wonder was the man who died in Dachau actually deported by the Nazis, or by the local milice. Apparently the Germans were taken aback by the alacrity with which the local French authorities joined in the deportation of Jews from France.
    I went to Dachau once. A worthwhile, if joyless, experience.

  5. Faulks’ character is fictional; but the novel notes the part played by collaborators with the Nazis.

  6. Well should the French remember, they let the Nazis walk all over them. Dachau is sobering alright, I sobbed after I left and tears don’t come easy to me. I admire you for taking this journey Ian. It’s ANZAC day today.

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