On being English during the World Cup — 3 Comments

  1. I’ve been hearing a bit of this recently in conversation (in England). People – English people – complaining that England does not get enough credit for its niceness over the years. They’re not the worst I suppose, but the special pleading seems a bit lame.

    I don’t suppose there’s some other perfectly rational reason for a seam of German support in Kilkenny is there? German factory? Coincidence? Or is it all down to Roger Casement, etc, etc.

  2. Aww . . I guess when it comes to soccer, the English aren’t very nice given hooliganism etc. We had our day in the sun I think, time for someone else now. Although I can’t say I’m surprised that the Irish don’t give a jot for English politeness . . they have long memories you know.

  3. Being Anglo-Saxon, I shall, of course, switch my loyalty to Germany now they are through and send my thanks to the supermarket for their generosity of spirit in being in a Celtic country and supporting an Anglo-Saxon team 😉

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