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  1. You’ve been very reflective recently. The rector’s/vicar’s lot sometimes seems to be a thankless one. The vicar’s wife even more so. (The vicar’s husband is different again.)
    On the plus side, there’s the duty fulfilled, the bereaved visited, the itinerant paid off. Not to mention the jetset lifestyle of upping sticks between the east coast and Kilkenny.
    But is there much fun?
    Or are they all Germany-supporters in a valley of squinting windows?

  2. The reflectiveness has arisen from recycling old posts from four or five years ago!

  3. Enjoyed that! Thanks for the memories, Ian

    I made many trips to the rectory in Killucan as a child and the garden was always a place of fascination for kids to explore.

    I well remember my own Dad stripped to the waist and cutting our small orchard with a scythe. The few haystacks that resulted were a source of endless fun for kid’s games.

    That same orchard is now a small housing development with pocket handkerchief sized gardens 🙁

    Enjoy your gardening!

  4. Ian, you could have the equivalent of the garden ‘set aside’ leave the grass in part of the garden to become a nature reserve…..then you’ll only need to cut it in about September….And you’ll have somewhere to hide from lawn mowing..!!!!!!

  5. Rain intervened and saved me on Monday. I must get out the mower this morning before heading out to labour in the vineyard this afternoon and evening

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