It’s a dog’s life — 11 Comments

  1. Unfortunately, the muddy pawprints on my trousers and pee on the kitchen floor are not ghostly. It’s going to a shelter if the Gardai have no owner looking for it.

  2. Ian, I hope Katharine passed on the news that I rang the Pound at 8.30pm (ish) and left a description of the dog on their answerphone, I also rang the local Gardai and told them about the dog just in case anyone is looking for him. I really hope his people are looking for him, he is very forlorn ….

  3. Ah go on. You know you want to? He’ll be company for the other two, and you can’t chuck him out once he has chosen you!

  4. The dog warden came – a lovely man with a real care for animals. The dog has to be allowed five working days at the shelter and then they try to place it through Dogs Trust; if no-one wants it, I said I would take it back.

    He says it has traces of having worn a collar and thinks it was turned loose. Its colour description is ‘brindled’ – a wonderful word.

  5. I’m delighted to hear that. I hate to think of dogs being put to sleep for no good reason.

    If she does come back to you, you even have a name for her – Brindle.

  6. The Boss, who has gone to Vienna for three days, phoned at lunchtime to inquire what I had done with the dog and to be assured it would not be put down.

    If it returns, in recognition of the amount of piddle on the kitchen floor, I had thought of calling it Pee in honour of that great Irish politician.

  7. I thought your dogs were quite tall in the leg Ian….If Brindle is on heat Ian I’d hide all the boxes and steps and things short dogs could stand on!!!!!!!! Be an interesting ltter of pups though!!!!!

  8. She is safely in the care of Kilkenny County Council. The warden said that she could not be spayed until she was out of season and, had she been able to be spayed, and I had taken her to the vet and the person who had owned her had claimed her, they could have sued me!

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