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  1. I like your idea of sticking your elbow out the window to stay awake. It reminds me of a priest relative who went to Lourdes and BECAME paralysed. He gave up his seat on a long distance train and stood in a draught between carriages. When he arrived he couldn’t walk. He remained that way for some time, immobile from the waist down.
    It took months of treatment before he regained the use of his legs. (Or perhaps everyone else got sick of making him cups of tea.) The cure took the form of some odd concoction mixed up in a cauldron by his mother, in which his legs were bathed.
    All very odd.
    There’s also the story of the family friend who caused a stir outside the grotto at Lourdes. (I know, I’m spoiling you today.) She was volunteering as a broncardier – helper/wheelchair pusher – and it being a hot day, sat down to rest in the just vacated wheelchair she’s been pushing. She fell asleep and sat there for ages. Finally, she woke with a start and stood up suddenly and unsteadily, feeling flustered and not quite sure where she was. You can guess the reaction.

  2. I can still remember the smell of the leather seats in the Austin Cambridge, There was somone in ‘Ham who had a white one with the stripe on the side in red and deep red leather seats……The frame of the quarter light was in chrome in those days too….you are right about those childhood memories….

  3. I love the way random smells can suddenly spark these memories, it’s lovely to remember what purity felt like.

  4. Ian ,no it was one of the Vigar family from Henley……an older couple, I cannot remember their first names though……

  5. I have just suggested on Twitter (@irlpol) that the injuries to those climbing the Reek should be set against the “miracles” of Knock, in the interest of regional and religious balance. Agreeing with Blackwatertown.

    Incidentally, in relation to Lourdes. I have bathed in the spring, but have been very taken aback by the stewards who seemed to be obsessed with covering me with a towel on the way in and the way out. Have they never been in a male changing room. And these “baths” are already segregated. Still haven’t fully figured it out.

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