It’s not like the ’80s — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you, Ian.

    You have to have been through these checkpoints to experience the conflicting emotions. I am one of your Padraigs, so I felt oppressed, but by whom. Teenagers in uniform who were much more scared than I was. They joined for a career, a trade, and found themselves on the front line. Pitiful. My only fear was their nervousness, and they armed.

    Having said that I was very incensed in the 1970s when I saw the recruitment posters in the Army Office in Durham. Sure, it mentioned a trade and qualifications, but it also played on a teenager’s attraction to excitement, which I thought was really obscene.

    I agree, though, that this is not the 70s, or 80s, and we are hopefully in a better place. But eternal vigilance is still the price of peace, and I don’t mean that as a NATO slogan, rather a paraphrase of Burke.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. In the long distant future, I wonder how the deployment of soldiers will be perceived? I don’t think the army had any desire for such a role.

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