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  1. Quote ” Everything for us comes back to the recovery of the loan” – Mike Aynesley, CEO, Anglo-Irish Bank in an interview with `Ronald Quinlan – Sunday Independent 22.08.2010. ‘Adjusting the monogrammed cufflinks on the monogrammed cuffs of his pristine white shirt’ one is left in no doubt that plus ca change, plus ca meme chose. The culture of greed (for money) lust (for power) and fear(of lossof market share) that drove this country for fifteen years and then drove it into the ground is alive and well. Customers beware, there is no forgiveness when you make a pact with a bank. Abandon hope all you who enter here.
    Long live the naked emperor.

  2. The financial, social and economic crisis brought about by the actions of the banks, developers and their political friends could have provided an opportunity to take a serious look at the sort of society we have and decide on the sort of society we want. This is being missed because the policies being followed are designed to get back to the same economic and political set of values that brought us to way we were, except this time the country will be even more unequal than it was during th Celtic Tiger days.

    We could use the crisis to create a fairer, more equal and healthier society but those at the top, the group Shane Ross mentions, don’t want that – and they will make sure it doesn’t happen. They didn’t make all those “legitimate political donations” without expecting some return.

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