Wear and tear — 6 Comments

  1. Various bishops have talked about baptism as a commissioning for ministry – but leave it as a platitudinous concept. Can’t imagine it being a welcome inclusion!

  2. Well put.
    Advancement up the hierarchical pole is not everything (and perhaps not anything), though I doubt that climb is what you’re missing.
    It does seem crazy, judged by sane criteria, that your life should be so regimented as to stymie the development of deep relationships and friendships. Leaving aside the personal impact, how can it enhance your ministry?

  3. Thanks…. that’s given words to how I was feeling last night! Came home to an empty house after not being included in the baptism celebration … I’d done my bit and that was all that was required …. rather different from the country parishes where you’re included (even if you’re an outsider) ….
    Maybe it is, for me, a sort of autumnal gloom that will pass with the crisp winter …. I will print the Rahner words for a motto!

  4. I have to confess to being glad to be back in the country – though I do miss Dublin.

    I find September to be the second worst month of the year (after November), the gloom seems to loom.

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