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  1. I wish someone would do something. Labour lining up with Fine Gael will simply deliver more of the same.

  2. I like your outrage, Ian, and we surely need prophets to speak truth to power. But just what exactly is the something you would like someone to do?

  3. I hope, in vain, for some new political movement. An Attlee would be nice; even a Thatcher would have more integrity than what we have. But all we have is Fine Gael-Labour who will simply give us more of the same.

    Perhaps some campaign of civil disobedience, or some prophetic action by the bishops, would rattle the bars. Perhaps a boycotting of the Revenue Commissioners until there is a regime that is fair.

    Anything would be better than a society where people think that moaning on radio phone-ins, or complaining to friends in the pub is actually going to change anything.

  4. We do need prophets, but I see no reason to believe that a new political movement is likely to solve much.

    Attlee’s party responded magnificently to people’s desire for change – particularly that of soldiers overseas, who probably tipped the election. I’d draw the line at a Thatcher (:() – she beggered the Brits to break the miners, sited foreign missiles in England’s green & pleasant land, and introduced the poll tax which fell heaviest on the poor – no thank you!

    As I see it, Labour has not been corrupted by planning and rich sugar-dadies as FF & FG have been, and Gilmore would make a fine first Labour Taoiseach – but then I’ve been a Labour member for many years.

    Of course you’re right that moaning and whinging is pointless – I suggest now is the time to organise to get the villains out – I find it hard to believe that the same people who have sunk us in the muck have the brass neck to maintain that they are the only ones who can pull us out of it!

    I hope and pray that the Spirit will lead us in that direction – but may thy will be done O Lord,!

  5. Ian,
    I’m surprised at the positive reference to Thatcher. I thought that it was the deregulation and the worship the gods of the market that she and her fellow ideologues promoted that created the conditions that brought us to where we are today.

    I have a real sense of despair about the situation. Watching Freefall on RTE on Monday night and listening to the refusal of the Cowan’s and Ahern’s to accept any responsibility for what went on sickened me. I even sense the Ahern is being sanitised for a run for the Presidency!

    I agree that Labour with FG won’t change much unless by some miracle Labour is the larger party. Gilmore might be able to bring more change than if Labour were the “junior” party.

    I wish there were more credible church voices like yours that were speaking and writing about where we are today.

  6. As someone who personally despised Thatcher, it’s not possible to deny that, in the court of history, she has held her place. What she did have was considerably more integrity than the leadership here.

    I fear Labour TDs will simply accept power for its own sake.

  7. I don’t have a vote for the Park, I’m still one of Betty Windsor’s subjects – so you can elect whomsoever you like. 😉

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