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  1. Ian as a very sadman I have googled it and on I found it.. I will now give you a run down of the top ten of this very August in 1976….right imagine ‘fluff freeman’ pick of the pop music

    at 10 is the Bee Gees with ‘You should be Dancing’
    at 9 is 5000 Volts with Dr Kiss Kiss
    Jimmy James and The Vagabonds are at 8 with ‘Now Is The Time’
    and at no7 , Abba with ‘Dancing Queen’ moving on to-
    6 is Tavares and ‘Heaven must be missing an Angel’
    and 5 is Johnny Wakelin …’In Zaire’
    No 4 Wings are there asking to ‘let them In’….moving on to the top 3 for this week…….
    at 3 is David Dundas with ‘Jeans On’ (also used as the advert for ‘BRUTUS JEANS) at 2 Dr Hook with ‘Love you a Little Bit More’…….and this weeks No 1 is Elton John and Kiki Dee with ‘Dont go Breaking my Heart’ the first number 1 Elton has had so far…(in 1976 that was)

    The rest of the top 20 had some good records in it too….Ahhh memories…

  2. Brilliant!

    I remember them all – except Dr Kiss Kiss.

    Was David Dundas a lord of some sort?

  3. Ian I Wikipedia’d it, you were right so here goes David Paul Nicholas Dundas (b. 2/6/45 ) is the son of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland and is ‘Lord David Dundas’ he only had the one top 10 hit, he did release another record but only got to no 29..!!! and the Brutus Jeans ad apparantly came first….have you tried youtube as a memory jerker for Dr Kiss Kiss ????

  4. I have my sound card back tonight – for the first time since September – so must look up Dr Kiss Kiss!

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