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  1. Makes me think of Skippy Dies by Paul Murray – just finished it. Good read – though school wasn’t like that for me. Maybe it’s a boarding school thing hidden from those who never partook.
    Interesting post. I pause to consider it, then remind myself about beautiful things I hope to see in the morning – trees, sky, leaves… Hope it’s not raining on my way to the station.

  2. BW,

    I would never wake up to get to the station if I kept your hours – you must have a Thatcherite constitution!

  3. Charlatans, con-men, gully gully men Whatever their name they have always been with us, Some dressed as politicians, some as religious figures, some on their soap box shouting the odds about what we should be doing.

  4. We have always had con-men and always will, Politicians, religeous figures and out and out no-goods, but if someone buys a ‘holy artifact’ which they believe it is genuine and gives them comfort is it so wrong.

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