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  1. We didn’t get television from ‘the Free State’. so Fr Trendy passed us by, but my selection of music would have been like Fr Trendy liking Louis Armstrong or Glenn Miller, when Fr Trendy today would be a great fan of the X Factor and the All Ireland Talent Show!

  2. You can’t unchain your heart, you have to push it all to a dark corner and ignore it – but that’s not very poetic (tho there is undoubtedly a lyric or two there).

  3. Surely if we were able to unchain our loyalties, it would make us both more humanistic and less at the same time… ?

  4. Sounds a bit like you’re saying it’s well nigh impossible to move on emotionally from very strong bonds. Bit discouraging that, though you could be right.

  5. The notion that emotion could be somehow ‘managed’ is the product of Enlightenment thought, where rational thinking was considered natural. With post-modernism, our feelings have captured the high ground.

  6. Ahh – enlightened, post modern and on the high ground – who could ask for anything more…

  7. Not sure one can be enlightened and post-modern – if all authority is subject to question, then claims to superior knowledge are dismissed.

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