Fifth sermon for Holy Week 2011 — 4 Comments

  1. Woah, five sermons, written before Holy Week has even started, I don’t know how you do it. It’s tempting just to print them off and use them 😉

  2. Being so long ordained, I think I probably have at least a dozen Holy Week series – the series posted was recycled from 2005!

  3. Rev. Poulton,

    I’m curious where you found your facts for this sermon. There were two points in your message that shocked me.

    First, I understand that Gol’gotha or “place of the skull” was the location where Goliath’s skull was buried, not Adam’s. Where did you find the folklore about it being the burial place of Adam’s skull? Did you place the”folklore” in your sermon simply because it fit your point?

    Secondly, Pilate nailed that sign above the head of Jesus on the cross to mock him, not to proclaim that he was “a man for all people, everywhere.” Did I miss understand you? The claim that Pilate sought to proclaim Jesus as a man of all people is preposterous.

    Please forgive my message if it seams a bit terse.

    Rev. Sean David Boyd
    Alexandria, VA

  4. The Adam legend is cited by the Scottish Presbyterian Bible commentator William Barclay, whose devotional works I have enjoyed over the years.

    There is no intention to suggest that Pilate regarded Jesus as anything more than a nuisance; it is the words of the notice that unwittingly proclaim Jesus as a man for all the people.

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