Gnat bites — 4 Comments

  1. I remember as a boy being taken to see the Doctor in ‘Maisies(Kings Head) . front room. The little corridor outside was full of the old village characters………’Wetlands is an excellent book Ian, a very good picture of Cliff Crossman in there too……The old chap being examined in the picture is Percy Gould, who used to live halfway down Ham Hill in the little farm on the left, Brother of Ted Gould who lived at Church Farm, another brother worked for the Council in Langport and used to cut all the verges in the parish and lived opposite Bill Eaves….

  2. I suppose Maisie would be regarded as a character as would Joan H from Henly, As regards the doctors we used to go to the surgery to collect medicines etc. they would be put on a table inside the surgery door.

  3. Efficiency, regulations, streamlining – often good – but tend to squeeze out characters.
    We still have some locally. I can think of one in particular, lovely bloke – but I’m one of the very few who can understand a word he says – and as for his building skills? Well…

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