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  1. Thanks for reviving memories of the old ‘Slow and Dirty’! I remember the line at Stalbridge, just over the Dorset border, with trips for shopping in Bristol and Bournemouth. The signal man allowed me up in his box and helped me pull the heavy manual levers. And I put old pennies on the line to be squashed by the ‘Pines Express’ roaring through. All before the days of Beeching, of course!

  2. What a brilliant film, so valuable, I wonder what was in the Airfix parcel at the end…..I still swear I can remember been at the bottom Railway station in Langport as a very small boy and my Father telling me that the train just leaving was the last steam train that will ever run on the line….!!!!… I visited a very interesting little railway last week in Ireland…….The Lartigue monorail at Listowel…Its all been reproduced but worth a visit and the staff were fantastic…..

  3. I still love railways. The problem here is that the services to Kilkenny are so slow and infrequent that taking the train has be
    come a special treat.

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