Sacred places — 2 Comments

  1. I agree that one should be cautious about sweeping away that to which people have given loyalty to generations. And I suppose I include even older things like holy wells in that too.
    However, I love the library bus that comes to our village and the lovely driver (well, er, not in a romantic sense). I don’t feel short changed that it is a bus and not a permanent static structure. And I think of flying doctors, district nurses on motorbikes (like my paternal grandmother), (hedges schools is maybe go a bit too far) – and I wonder if there could be other ways of doing things – house groups maybe?

  2. I think there is a deep sense in Scripture of ground being holy. A sense that the church has cultivated over the centuries. It is contradictory for church leaders, on the one hand, to play upon that feeling when needing money for buildings, and then, on the other, to dismiss such sensitivities when deciding upon closing a building.

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