The world is not ending! — 3 Comments

  1. I vividly remember the end of the world.

    I think it was 1960, or 1963, or both. I was periodically terrified in my youth at the thought of the end of the world, which was just around the corner, according to some religious alarmists. That and the terror of the nuclear holocaust in the context of films like War Games and Fail Safe.

    As for the books of the bible, you can take consolation in the fact that they were all read from the altar, just down the road from me, in the run up to Easter.

  2. The first sensible summary of the Book of Revelation I’ve encountered.
    As for the end of the world – I’m often telling people it’s not the end of the world.
    But I recall it seeming imminentish around the time of Greenham Common, SS20s, Cruise, etc. So, back then, I thought I’d visit the peace camp there to bring greetings from across the Irish Sea. They were not pleased to see me. I think it was a gender thing.

  3. Chick Publications would have been enthusiastic about a 1980s nuclear holocaust! I know people who really believe that the final battle will be in the valley of Megiddo in Israel.

    I think the Greenham Common protesters description of themselves as a ‘women’s peace camp’ might have been a clue as to their gender prejudice – radical feminists are as bigoted as male chauvinists.

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