Reclaiming our property — 2 Comments

  1. Oh I hate the idea of oppressive branding having the backing of the law. It was the same in South Africa during the World Cup final when all local beers were barred from sale within a certain radius of the venues. But official water – how pathetic. I hope it is successfully subverted.

    The creep of apparently public but in fact privately owned space has been insidious. True, it has spruced up a lot of dingy shopping areas and urban backwaters – in London anyway – but freedom has been undermined at the same time.

    Taking a bit of a leap from that to a book I’m reading – Fixing Broken Windows, Restoring Order & Reducing Crime in our Communities by George l kelling and Catherine M Coles – there’s an interesting discussion to be had about the trade off between community order/safety and the freedom to be annoying/poor/apparently or actually homeless/deranged/etc in shared spaces. (The sort of thing Bill Bratton and Giuliani got credit for tuning around in New York.) A lot of the New york change was driven and funded by private enterprise.

  2. Many towns and cities across Europe have beautiful public spaces without there being any need whatsoever to turn them over to private profit.

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