Holy Week Sermons 2012 – Five Words from Matthew: No 1 – Stirred — 3 Comments

  1. You said it all. Just read this, notice it is dated 2012, so l must have read it last year, but it didn’t sound too familiar. No, whatever we belive, we have to believe this, and there is no greater power than the Risen Lord, we may all go through the motions of Lent and Holy Week year in and year out, same old, we know it all, but l think that the poignant moment on Good Friday comes, it hits us like a brick!! We know that this is the day our Lord bore our sins on Calvary, died an excruciating death, just for us, so that we may partake in His glory, and what a wonderful redemption is in the offing. Over the years, l think complacency has overtaken our lives to a certain extent, but not the weekend of Easter. ‘A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief ‘ touches our hearts on Good Friday, and we wait with great anticipation for ‘hailing the day that sees Him rise ‘ Alleluia.

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