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  1. I certainly remember White Horses, and also the evocative Robinson Crusoe serial, another French production that did sterling work during the school holidays on 1970s BBC1. This was of course in addition to RTE’s summer schedule, which was the testcard (if you were lucky) until the Angelus at six, and then Flipper as a concession to the young ‘uns after the News.

    In those days we had an enormous aerial on our roof in Kildare to pull in BBC1 from Belfast in glorious black and white on 405 lines – pre colour and pre cable! Funny enough, on more than one occasion down through the years in the Other Island (Britain) if I mentioned that we had access to British television in the Republic folks would get extremely shirty about it.

  2. Shirty – as though you were somehow stealing their television?

    The old VHF 405 signal was good at reaching remote places.

  3. That’s the one, I’ve had the “stealing our telly” line and variations on it down through the years. A bit weird and a bit insular, as if the Irish viewers somehow compromised their licence fee. In fact, it probably did a lot of good for British-Irish relations.

    Nowadays a satellite dish and a free-to-air box does the trick!

  4. A kind of Little Englandism!

    Didn’t you complain about eight centuries of English rule? 😉

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