If Rita had been ordained — 4 Comments

  1. There was a time when I thought posh frocks were just the thing, and mincing around in processions gave a sense of occasion and corporate identity. All that has completely gone. Clergy – indeed professional gatherings of any description – I now find almost impossible to bear. Do you think it could be that as we settle into ourselves, as Rita did, we no longer need the trappings of insecurity like processions? I saw the FB pictures of clergy processing to CCC and wondered if they had stopped to think how ridiculous they looked, especially the eejit in the cope. Did they think that passers-by would be impressed? Or were they so wrapped up in their robes that nothing else mattered? Psalm 17:10 They are inclosed in their own fat and their mouth speaketh proud things. I caught the end of the service on the webcast and saw the choirmaster flapping like a demented hen (why are they allowed to stand in the middle?), and then the procession. With a few modifications, you might all have been at home in the religious arm of Blackpool’s Golden Mile in north Norfolk.

  2. The remove from pastoral reality is so great that I can’t cope with camp Catholicism!

  3. We have had a glimpse of something similar in Uk politics this last week or so, the sight of various Mp’s popping into Greggs for a pasty was more than I could believe – not least of all that both the Government and the shadow, thinks we are all idiots. A bit of a Pulp, Common People moment – not even funny anymore..

  4. Amongst the graffiti in college days, there was one that said, ‘Whoever you vote for, the politicians get in’. The church has more than its share of politicians, who would protest they are authentic – just as pasty-eating politicians are.

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