We could have seen it coming — 5 Comments

  1. I remember when I first came over to Ireland in 2006 that people were already pointing out the housing market was a giant bubble. Unfortunately, there were too many people with an interest in ignoring or denying that fact.

  2. The dogs on the street here knew it would all end in tears & they don’t have degrees in Economics or Politics!

  3. But at the time of the 2007 general election, who was saying there was a bubble?

  4. I was in high school in Ireland around 2005/2006, and I remember everybody was talking about ‘The Bubble’ and when it would burst. I started to read up on economics because of this, as well as simply to learn the cause of the remarkable and sudden Irish prosperity (I never took the ‘dismal science’ in school). Through that I learned about the pernicious role of the ECB and the euro system that had created the property bubble. On reading Austrian School views on money and Central Banking, I ended up buying gold and silver without my parents knowing, with all my savings and the money my family gave for college and such. It turned out I could have paid my way through college with the eventual markup!

    Now I have some gold, silver, other commodities, six months worth of food in the house and some firearms, waiting for the real crash. I’d encourage everyone else to do the same.

  5. I think that’s unduly pessimistic – look at Europe in 1945 and how it recovered.

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